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May 2015

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Deciding a week and a half before an event that I ABSOLUTELY NEED an item that's going to be near-impossible to find.

And yet, there is something about the thrill of the hunt of such things that I never seem to get over. Which is why I seem to do this every time.

(Dove-gray or silver-gray 12-button gloves, if you're curious. Yeah, I know. I'm also figuring out how I'm going to handle not having them, since the chance of success is so small.)


No grey in my stash I just checked. The problem with being good at the hunt is when I find the perfect trophy item its always more than I wanted to spend. :o P
Yeah, that's exactly my problem here. I know these gloves exist. Whether they exist at a price I can pay and in a time frame that will get them to me in time...not so much.
No buttons, but might these work?
I also found these and these. (Hoping the links work - they're Google Shopping links to eBay auctions.)
Oh, thank you!

One of the reasons this is a big challenge and a ridiculous thing to be pursuing is that I have a raftload of restrictions: price, specific style and color (gray is a difficult color to match and it needs to be pretty specific in this case), the tight time frame and worries about shipping times. I know that what I want does exist (in fact, the gloves in your first link are pretty much perfect in terms of style and color), but that doesn't necessarily mean I can get it with the restrictions I have. I know this, and for this reason I'm not really expecting to find what I'm seeking. And yet, pretty much every year, I come up with some need for a costume in exactly this way, which is why I'm half-laughing and half-chiding myself about doing it yet again.
The button designation for gloves refers to length, not to whether they actually have buttons. :) So 12-button gloves should hit more or less just below the elbow for most people. Wrist-length gloves are 4 button, mid-forearm are 8 button, and what's usually considered opera-length is anywhere between 16 and 22 button.
Good to know. Thanks!