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May 2015

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I don't have time yet to do the typical blow-by-blow post for my Vampire's Masquerade Ball outfit, as I still have to get ready for Norwescon. (I've never before done two huge-outfit, pack-and-leave-home events within a week. It's proving to be a challenge in focusing and getting things done.) But I figured I could at least post a photo so you can see how it came out.

This isn't a full-length photo (we had trouble finding a good spot to get one) and it doesn't really show the hair, but it was my favorite from the night. All in all, I was happy with the overall ensemble, although a lot of things ended up not being done the way I originally planned because I changed my mind at the last minute.

And for a bonus, here's a photo of my ever-so-dashing husband with the wonderful artisan, Kambriel, who made the coat and waistcoat he's wearing (as well as the spectacular outfit she has on).

You can click the photos to see larger versions.

I do hope to get to the full write-up at some point next week. But I've said that about a lot of things I haven't actually done for you yet, so take that as you will.

Speaking of Norwescon...on the bad side, I have not even started on the elements I need to make or modify for the Poiret dragonfly outfit, and we leave for the convention in pretty much exactly two days. On the good side, though, I've pretty much resolved all remaining undecided outfit issues, and have even written up my packing list already.

I figured out a way to do the Sunday outfit with the ridiculous ivory hat, although the weather is probably going to be a little cooler than I was hoping for (the blouse has elbow-length sleeves) and I'm still mulling possibilities for a jacket. But I tested the basic idea last night and it works.

For Thursday, I'm going to do two "stuff from my wardrobe that looks kinda period-style" outfits in plum. The daytime outfit involves a sweater jacket with Victorian influences and a skirt in satin and tulle. The evening outfit will be sort of 1930s/1940s in layered plum georgette and a lace surplice top. Both are easy to do and involve pieces that haven't really been out much.

The lace tiara for the Friday evening late-Victorian outfit is not terribly likely to happen, though I haven't totally ruled it out yet; I'd hoped to make it work with lace I have on hand and that turned out to not be what I wanted, so I'd need to buy some different lace for it. But I think I'll have to go to the fabric store tonight for some supplies for the dragonfly outfit (you know, the one I haven't even started on), so I might pick up a little bit of the new lace I have in mind and see what I can achieve quickly.

And that's it for the talking about this stuff, for now at least. It's time to go finish what still needs to be done.
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You both look lovely, as usual. I do love that tiara.