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The Exploits of a Costume Hacker

The Iron Costumer
I'm an amateur costumer, fashion historian, and general style sociologist. I have a wardrobe the size of Luxembourg and a grand passion for the look, cut, history, and culture of clothing.

I create fantasy and historic/vintage reproduction outfits. My preferred eras for repro are the 18th century (particularly mid-century French and English), Victorian, Edwardian/Belle Epoque, 1920s, and 1930s; I'm also interested in outfits based on historical Chinese styles (Ming and Q'ing primarily). However, I also frequently take my favored eras and crash them together with completely anachronistic details; I will never promise that any of my outfits are strictly period correct. Most of my costuming endeavors involve taking existing pieces (I don't sew much beyond straight stitches) and combining, decorating, and accessorizing to come up with outfits that resemble period clothing, or are interesting, pretty, challenging, or just plain fun. I do make a lot of my own accessories, and I like sticking things that aren't intended as clothing on my outfits (and especially on my head) and matching my makeup to my stockings. I detail much of that work here, along with general thoughts about clothing, fashion, and style.

A note about the whole "Friends" thing: This is a "working" journal, one intended to be used just for posting, and thus I won't be adding people to the "Friends" list. Anyone who wishes is welcome to add this to their list and to comment (indeed, I welcome comments), but don't expect to be added back. This will always be an "open" journal, so you won't be missing anything if you're not "friended" here.